Kris' Hot Yoga
                              & Hot Kore Barre

  The "Hottest" Workout in Town

Kore Cycle Class Descriptions - HERE
Hot Kore Flow -
Our signature class in which each instructor brings their own unique style to the class, each time you step on your mat is a truly authentic experience. This vinyasa flow inspired class will teach you how to incorporate your breath and movement. Hot Kore Flow is great for the beginners (giving modifications where necessary) as well as the experienced yogi.  Class Accommodates:  Beginners to Advanced
Hot Kore Skulpt -
One of our most popular!  Combining all the elements of sculpting, toning, Pilates, yoga, and cardio into one amazing workout. Beginners- Advanced (modifications may be needed for beginners).  Expect to use equipment such as hand held weights, pilates rings, stability ball, and/or weighted bars.  Class Accommodates:  Beginners to Advanced
Hot Kore Strength & Flow -
A vinyasa flow class with the intention to strengthen your body. This class will have all the basic elements of our Hot Kore Flow but with an extra kick to get your muscles firing and create a stronger yoga practice. Beginners are welcome, but the intensity level is much higher than our Hot Kore Flow.  Class Accommodates:  Intermediate to Advanced
Hot Kore Slow Flow
Sometimes we just need to "slow it down". Take the time to bring yourself onto the mat for this amazing class that will help you to open up in postures like you've never experienced, become more aware of your breath, and connect with your body.  Class Accommodates: Beginners to Advanced
Hot Kore Barre -
We have combined all of the great benefits of yoga, pilates, sculpt, and ballet into one great exercise routine that will elongate and tone your muscles. Our signature Hot Kore Barre classes will work on controlled and isolated movements to go DEEP into the muscles. Beginners to Advanced Barre classes are a fitness class using a ballet barre and incorporating several different modalities of fitness. We infuse all these elements for a one of a kind all around fitness experience.  Class Accommodates:  Beginners to Advanced (note:  the Hot Kore Barre classes are a low impact but high intensity workout and beginners may need to modify or take rest periods)
Hot Barre Boot Kamp -
Want a total body burn? Look no further... We will crank up the heat for 60 minutes of cardio, strength, and Barre exercises guaranteed to make you sweat & ache like never before .  Class Accommodates:  Intermediate to Advanced
Hot 4 Skuared -
4 Skuared is 4 to the Power of 2! Think you don't have time for a workout - then this is for you! 45 minutes of an intense to the point workout. We do 16 movements in repetitions of 16. It may be short and sweet but well worth your time! It will be the best and sweatiest 45 minutes you spend on your mat! Beginners welcome, but is a very intense workout, modifications will be given.   Class Accommodates:  Intermediate to Advanced