Kris' Hot Yoga
                              & Hot Kore Barre

  The "Hottest" Workout in Town

Now offering indoor cycling and cycling combo classes along with our HOT YOGA classes!

KHY is now offering you everything under one roof.  We already have the most dynamic and well-trained instructors in the city.  We specialize in GROUP FITNESS!  NOW offering indoor cycling at both our locations.  Get your sweat on while on your mat, at the barre or on a bike!

Class Descriptions:

KoreCycle - 45 minute class.  Our signature class will transform the way you think of indoor cycling.  With up-tempo, hearth thumping music your KoreCycle instructor will lead you through a 45 minute workout that will make you feeling inspired, a little tired, but always wanting more!

KoreCycle Challenge - 1 Hour.  Are you up for the KoreCycle Challenge?  Our signature KoreCycle class with an added 15 minutes of sweat... why not give it a try?

KoreCycle 101 - 45 minutes.  Are you new to KoreCycle or indoor cycling?  This class will take you through the basics, get you properly set up on your bike, introduce you to the rhythm of the ride and make sure you are riding with proper form.

KoreCycle Express - 35 minutes.  When there's only so much time to fit it all in we got you covered!  Join us for a quick, but intense ride - we'll get you in, make you sweat and get you back out to go about your day.

KoreCycle Community - Donation based community rides.  If you are interested in setting up a KoreCycle community ride for your organization or if you are raising funds for an event please contact [email protected]

Combo Classes - we offer a variety of combo classes which will include 30 minutes of cycle followed by either 30 minutes of skulpt, barre or flow.