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Welcome to Kris' Hot Yoga

What is YOUR strong?

At Kris' Hot Yoga we believe in building a solid, strong foundation for your life journey.  We believe that life is a physical, mental and spiritual journey and we strive to assist you in achieving this balance through yoga and fitness.  Strength is not measured by the things you can do  - It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. ~ Rikki Rogers

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About our Yoga
At Kris' Hot Yoga we practice all classes in a heated room. 
We believe in giving you a practice that builds you up through a solid foundation.  This foundation allows you to grow both physically, mentally and spiritually so that you can take what you learn on the mat out into the world.  We believe in quality over quantity.  All our instructors have been certified through Yoga Alliance and have additionally taken several hundred hours of practice under Kris personally and other senior instructors at Kris' Hot Yoga.

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